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HH CloudGoogle – Internet Sales Consultant Hello. My name is Howard Howell

aka That Sales Guy

I have been an entrepreneurial junkie since the 1960’s. My passion is internet marketing and sales operations. I believe that sensible selling is necessary for every profession and want to help YOU attract more customers through honest and effective new media marketing.

Selling is my passion. In addition to individual coaching and group training, I also consult and speak about selling from an entrepreneur’s viewpoint. My core passion topic is helping YOU understand how “SELLING” fits into your personal success or business plan.

Internet Sales Consultant

You can read what others have said about my training below.

Patricia Nan Anderson

“Howard’s guidance really boosted the effectiveness of my approach…”

“Howard’s Turn Your Passion Into Profits workshop inspired me to go back to the office and write a one-page sales letter that I’m really happy with. Howard’s guidance really boosted the effectiveness of my approach and I can’t wait to send this sales letter out or to use its focus in talking to prospective clients.”

Dr. Patricia Nan Anderson – Author – Parenting-A Field Guide

Parenting - A Field Guide

Patrick Snow

“Howard … has helped me create some solid new marketing ideas…”

“Howard is a great sales training coach, who has helped me create some solid new marketing ideas. He is a tremendous resource for busy and new entrepreneurs. He has provided me with many new ideas and kept me up-to-date with emerging trends in the social media revolution.”

Patrick Snow – Best-Selling Author and International Speaker

Creating Your Own Destiny

Learn how to be more effective and sell more of your services or products – Guaranteed !
No hype – just real world experience and down to earth inspirational instruction.

Shirley Thom

“Everyone Sells.”

” As you build your own road to success you might as well use the experience of those who have traveled the main highway, ruts and all, to get started in the right direction.” Howard has.

Shirley Thom – Author – Life Is A Sales Job

Life Is A Sales Job

YOU SELL concepts, ideas, products, and services.

Your income is in direct proportion to your sales performance. To sell more, you will need many competent advisors, teachers, coaches, and mentors. They can be found at Universities, in Books, and at Business Workshops.

It can take years and cost $60,000 plus to get an undergraduate degree and $100,000 or more for some graduate and professional degrees. All this money and time is necessary if you desire to become a trained professional service provider.”

Once you become a capable specialist, YOU still need to SELL your service. You must sell and market it yourself or, you will need to rely on others to sell for you.

Learn more about coaching

I can share new ways to help you increase your sales …

Eylon IsraelyEylon Israely

“I already put some of your advice to use several times…”

“Howard, your Shameless Bragging mini workshop yesterday gave me so much value from it I am still buzzing. I already put some of your advice to use several times since and it simply w o r k s. Thanks!”

Kimberley BarkerKimberley Barker

“He also gave me a new way … to sell potential clients.”

I recently attended Howard’s “Practical Selling for Indies” event and walked away with some extremely useful information. I now know how to “read” people and their readiness for my services. He also gave me a new way to look at my services and how/when to sell to potential clients.”

You can learn about selling without the pain of mistakes.

You can save time and money through my experience and lessons learned. Attend one of my live training events or webcasts.

  • Do you want to turn your passion into profits ?
  • Do you want to sell more of your products or services ?
  • Do you want more profitable revenue from your business ?

You Can Buy Books — And read about SELLING
Or — Better yet… Let me teach You how to sell !
Or — Let me teach your staff how to sell !

Webcasts and Live Workshops

I provide real world practical sales tips …

Jack Fecker

“I needed those selling reminders”

“Thank’s for todays event at the Village in Bellevue. I needed those selling reminders for a presentation tomorrow. The one about a compelling story was the most valuable.”

Jack Fecker – Author – Freedom From Work

Freedom From Work

Lesli Dullum

“The man is a walking wealth of information …”

I had the privilege of seeing Howard again at a Patrick Snow conference at Alderbrook Resort recently. The man is a walking wealth of information and experience. I also appreciate his willingness to boldly share his story, wisdom and expertise with the rest of us. Thank You Howard. You Rock.

Lesli Dullum – Contributing Author – Your Ultimate Sales Force

Your Ultimate Sales Force

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