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Authorize You

A Platform To Sell Your Expertise

Create a platform using these four ingredients and build a business based upon your expertise. Continue reading

Internet Sales Consultant

Does the Internet affect your selling ability?

You are an Internet Sales Consultant and don’t know it yet. I attended a networking event recently and the experience inspired the creation of a workshop that will demonstrate why you should not ignore the Internet. Continue reading

How To Sell What You Know

You are an expert in something

You can do something or teach others how to do something where you know more than they do about that something. Now, how can you make money with your expertise? Continue reading

How Do I Sell My Expertise?

How should a Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant, or other Professional Service Provider sell their services?

Your patients and clients have no way of knowing how good your expertise really is. They do not know if your diagnosis is the best and most thorough, your motion is the most creative and effective, or your tax return is the most economical and audit-proof. Continue reading