Sell Without Selling

Selling Is Simple, But Can It Be Subtle?

Is there any way we can escape that pushy “used-car salesman” image while providing honest business enhancement services to our clients?

You can learn the process and go through the mechanics of practicing sales techniques, but the odds are you will end up coming off just like all those bad examples of pushy sales reps because you have become just like a robot.

Quick…When I Say Salesmen What Comes to Mind?

When I ask most people that question the typical responses are a wrinkle of their nose and words like, pushy, intrusive, won’t take no for an answer, an interruption, and even rude. It is a reaction born from experience and stereotypes. Just think of the last time you interacted with someone trying to sell you something. Was the experience a good one? Did you find yourself becoming defensive?

Salespeople who act in ways that make us uncomfortable have confronted us all.