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Niche Profit Selling

Niche It or Lose It

If YOU don’t capture a niche with your idea, it’s almost guaranteed that someone else will create the best niche profit solution that you are thinking about right now. Idea’s are plentiful. Doing is rare.
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Sales Happen

What are you doing to encourage it?

A sale only “happens” when what someone wants meets what you’ve got. You can’t really force it to “happen”, but you can influence it. Continue reading

Market Less – Sell More

What’s the best use of your selling time?

Do you have more leads and referrals than you can spend time following up on, OR are you desperate for leads and have plenty of selling time available? Continue reading

One Email Too Many

Are you on email overload?

I receive literally hundreds of emails every day. It used to create feelings of overwhelm and frustration because I thought I had to act on each one. How can we bring sanity back into our E-Mail Overload challenge? Continue reading

Get More Sales Without Cold Calling

Every time a customer complains is your biggest opportunity to sell more!

Why is it that business operators’ do not see the potential of increasing their sales whenever a customer calls up to complain? Continue reading

Life Is A Sales Job

Here’s a quick way to get a job TODAY

Hire yourself and start selling YOU.

Why sell? You already do. Everyone sells. You have since your birth. You may as well do it right and be handsomely rewarded for your efforts. Continue reading

Subtle Selling

Do You Have A Social Media Sales Strategy?

The new media has created the need for a new sales process. And that new sales process can only be executed with an appropriate marketing strategy that includes social media. Continue reading

3 Keys To Biz Success

What every entrepreneur ought to know about business.

Hire yourself today, focus on the important, and build your dream business. Don’t settle for a job. Create a business! Continue reading