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Networking Connections

I would like to connect with you if …
you want a relevant win-win business connection.
What do I mean by that?
Read the lower half of this post for my explanation. Continue reading

You’ve Been Terminated

Nixed by Biznik – Looking to Re-Connect

If you are trying to contact me on Biznik, please don’t. My account has been “terminated” because “…[my] style of participation … [and] … contributions to the community are not moving it forward, and have begun to harm it’s reputation. … Consequently, we have terminated your membership in Biznik.”

This is a portion of the email I received recently. Continue reading

One Email Too Many

Are you on email overload?

I receive literally hundreds of emails every day. It used to create feelings of overwhelm and frustration because I thought I had to act on each one. How can we bring sanity back into our E-Mail Overload challenge? Continue reading

Qwick-Tip – Sensible Social Networking

Social Networking in plain English.

Common Craft Video explains it with simplicity – easy to understand video Continue reading

New Media Reality

Is it better to rent or own your audience of prospective customers?

Accepting the new media reality means you should invest long-term and stop spending on un-productive old media.

Now you can own your targeted eyeballs. No need to rent them anymore. Continue reading