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Contractor Selling

It’s In The Bid

The Ultimate Conceptual Selling Challenge
Estimating a job accurately can increase your trust and reputation. Continue reading

How To Sell A Duck?

When Your Customer Wants A Chicken.

Just knowing this can give a sales pro an advantage in the process of persuasion. Continue reading

Selling By Showing

Create A Personalized Screencast

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is probably worth a million words. Imagery helps your audience formulate decisions. Don’t just write it, show it. Continue reading

Slow Down and Learn

Danger !

Just an observation…
Are you speeding through life too busy to slow down and learn from your experiences? Continue reading

Strategic Sales Planning

Plan Ahead To Fail Early

The more small failures you have, the greater your odds of succeeding big. Continue reading

Sales Challenges

Do you ever encounter sales obstacles?

There are numerous obstacles that prevent you from making more sales. Let’s discuss real-world solutions to YOUR marketing and sales challenges. Continue reading

#1 Sales Tool

You Can’t Sell Without It

Every professional has a tool kit. And, they have their favorite and most used tools. Even amateurs have tool kits for their hobbies and do-it-yourself projects. What is the #1 Sales Tool in your tool kit? Continue reading

Niche Profit Selling

Niche It or Lose It

If YOU don’t capture a niche with your idea, it’s almost guaranteed that someone else will create the best niche profit solution that you are thinking about right now. Idea’s are plentiful. Doing is rare.
Continue reading