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Online marketing for businesses

You have a website – So Now What?

OK, so now you’ve got a Website? What Next? So many times I encounter people that get a WEBsite or an eCommerce site and now expect that the world will come knocking on their door and/or start ordering their products … Continue reading

How to create Persuasive Online Sales Pages

Alex Mandossian tells it better than I can. Watch this video – it’s a rough cut, but contains some good content worth watching…     If you want help, contact me for a FREE consult and I will help you. … Continue reading

What Is A Landing Page?

Traditional Websites distract rather than sell

Do you need a website or a sales page? General websites include many CTAs and distracting links by their very nature.

Websites have their place in a Marketing Strategy right along with Landing Pages, Business Cards, Brochures, etc. A Sales Page, on the other hand is … Continue reading

Your Virtual Sales Office

Can you increase your sales with a competent assistant?

Maximize your productivity by outsourcing or hiring others to do what they do better than you.
Continue reading

Authorize You

A Platform To Sell Your Expertise

Create a platform using these four ingredients and build a business based upon your expertise. Continue reading

Using The Internet For Business

The primary reason go to the Internet is to SEARCH for answers to pressing needs and wants. Most people look to the web to solve their questions and problems today rather than talking to their neighbors and friends. But, people still buy from people. Continue reading

Single Solution Selling

Focus Is Better Than Fast

Have you been on a road trip lately? Sometimes you can go really fast but you may just arrive at the wrong place earlier if you do not focus on your destination. Continue reading


A New Beginning

He had a motorcycle crash 30 years ago which resulted in a life time disability. Look at him today. Continue reading