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Life Is A Sales Job
Book (Hard-Cover): Life Is A Sales Job
by Shirley Thom

She has more than 30 years’ experience in professional sales as a sales representative, sales manager, and sales consultant. She believes that success is personal. She is leery of the guarantee of fast bucks to anyone who will follow the latest “get rich quick” craze. She stresses the importance of recognizing and applying individual assets and experiences to cultivate a life-time of personal growth and professional satisfaction.

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Chapter 1

Wake Up With An Attitude

How do you want to start your day? What you see is not what you get. It’s what you make of it.

Chapter 11

Mentors and Other Helping Hands

For all our bravado in pursuit of independence, it helps to have people helping us.

Chapter 2

Why Sell?

You already do. Everyone sells. You may as well do it right and be handsomely rewarded for your efforts.

Chapter 12

The Three Elements of a Sale

Sales is the buying and selling of goods, services, and ideas. The three elements present in every sale are the product, the buyer, and the seller.

Chapter 3

Your Mirror Image

Your appearance creates the first impression. It is nearly impossible to overcome a bad first impression.

Chapter 13

Developing a Client List

Who are your prospective customers, and how do you catch their attention?

Chapter 4

The Gut Check

Your hidden asset is the product you hold inside. Make sure you know what’s in there and how to use it.

Chapter 14

Your First Meeting

This is no blind date. You must learn to control the meeting and be prepared to take it to the next step.

Chapter 5

Prepare Yourself To Be Lucky

Luck comes to everyone. You’ll want to be prepared to take advantage of it when it comes your way. Set goals and develop an action plan.

Chapter 15

Effective Presentations

Presentations come in many forms. Any time you do something to get a response from anyone, including yourself, you are making a presentation.

Chapter 6

The Computers Have Landed

The leaders of the computer age are not the same kind of people who led us through the industrial age. They’ve changed the way products are positioned and sold.

Chapter 16

Profitable Persuasions

Did you really think they’d buy everything you presented? You’re going to have to answer objections and give a little back. Now your’re really selling.

Chapter 7

What Sales Isn’t

Sales is not a dishonorable way to earn a living. Let’s dispel the nasty rumors.

Chapter 17

At Your Service

Signing the contract does not finish the sale. Your customers need service.

Chapter 8

Listen Up!

“No one ever listened himself out of a job,” said Calvin Coolidge. If you can’t listen, you can’t sell.

Chapter 18

Projecting Your Income

No one is handing you a paycheck. What you earn will require discipline and time management.

Chapter 9

Company Choices

Selecting the kind of company you want to work for is a critical decision. Where do you want to work?

Chapter 19

What If You Lose?

Is a swing and a miss a failure, or a setback? It’s a failure only if you fail to take care of it.

Chapter 10

Your First Official Sale

Your first official sale is to sell yourself into a sales position with the company of your choice.

Chapter 20

Keep Your Eye on the Ball …

and the Road Straight Ahead
Why stop now? Tomorrow takes another attitude. Stay focused and keep on winning.