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As your coach, I will teach you the fundamentals of marketing and selling while providing you with mentoring accessibility as determined by the monthly retainer fee paid. When acting as your consultant, I will provide you with web development and marketing services as requested, via phone and/or computer connection. Sessions usually last from 30-90 minutes at the current rate of $100. Additional services may be requested and will be added to the minimum fee in advance and by mutual agreement.

Coaching-Consulting Retainer

An Open Statement of Agreement

A coach is usually thought of in terms of an athletic endeavor, although a business owner also has need of many different subject matter coaches throughout his/her career. Mistakes are the largest hidden expense of operating a business. You can avoid some of the costly mistakes by following the advice of your coach. So, what is a business coach?

A business coach helps you along YOUR path, directing the process, but not leading the direction. Although a coach might be a subject matter expert, who would normally operate with an agenda, the direction is determined by the student. Normally the coach performs teaching and coaching in a personal or group setting.

A coach does not have supervisory authority and focuses on inquiry to support the student to find his/her own solutions through the problem solving and accountability reporting process. Although a coach might pass down his experience, and knowledge, he does not determine the actions of his student.

A coach supports learning and action focused mostly on the present and future. A coach is resourceful and assists his student in personal discovery of the methods and skills that are needed. A coach is not a Therapist or Counselor to help a student heal from issues of the past. A coach cannot “fix” personal mental or physical challenges facing the student.

A coach assists in providing an environment for learning and provides the process, but does not lead the direction. A coach can suggest implementation consulting while a Consultant is a subject matter expert that tells the client what to do or in some cases performs the necessary tasks. Upon request, your Coach will perform the services of a Consultant for appropriate fees.

In summary, a Coach may appear to fulfill the role of a Therapist or Counselor at times, although you are contracting for the primary services of a Coach and/or Consultant. Your Coach is your resourceful advocate and accountability partner to assist YOU in achieving YOUR goals. YOU alone, have the power and response ability to act on the suggestions of your coach.

Accepting MasterCard or VISABy payment of a monthly retainer fee as mutually agreed upon with a valid credit card, the client has expressed a desire for personal training, coaching, or consulting from Howard Howell. Additional or third-party services provided may incur separately billed charges. The retainer fee may also be modified from month to month as mutually agreed.

This service shall be performed during a one month period commencing on the date payment has been approved and automatically renewed by a recurring charge on the same date of the subsequent month for an additional month unless canceled in writing by either party 10 days prior to the billing date. Email plus phone notice is acceptable.

Each payment must be received in advance for the monthly service to commence and is non-refundable. Payments will be processed by Biz Financial Service, LLC DBA Sensible Selling, 26621 NE Miller St., Duvall, WA. 98019, 206-909-9994.


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