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How to use Twitter for business purposes?

Shannon Evans

Shannon Evans is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur. The difficulties faced by authors and speakers in modern publishing prompted Evans, owner of My Writing Mentor, LLC and PASS Publishing Company, to create a series of writing workshops and retreats for entrepreneurs and to write her eBook series Author Marketing Tools. She is committed to teaching how to make ‘Every Word Count’. Shannon instructs authors and speakers ways to leverage the social web to market their work through books, workshops, and podcasts. She lives on Bainbridge Island, WA with her best friend Rick and their labs, Mocha and Luke.

Twitter BirdShannon shares many of the secrets of Twitter in her forthcoming book, Twitter – Business and Branding, where she reveals smart tips for social networking, especially how to tweet and not sound like a twit.

I have implemented some of her ideas and can enthusiastically recommend her advice. She has taught me more about Twitter than most of the so-called experts.

To identify the challenge, read: Are YOU a Twit on Twitter?

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