You have a website – So Now What?

OK, so now you’ve got a Website? What Next? So many times I encounter people that get a WEBsite or an eCommerce site and now expect that the world will come knocking on their door and/or start ordering their products … Continue reading

How to create Persuasive Online Sales Pages

Alex Mandossian tells it better than I can. Watch this video – it’s a rough cut, but contains some good content worth watching…     If you want help, contact me for a FREE consult and I will help you. … Continue reading

Simplify the Sales Process – Become a Trusted Advisor

A trusted advisor speaking to a couple of prospective customers

The Sales Process In a typical sales process, you must establish a rapport or relationship with your prospective customer to help establish a feeling of trust before a transaction usually takes place. Since the popularity of the Internet, people research … Continue reading

Why Blog?

Don't Plant Your Tree

Sensible Selling with a New Sales Process and with a Niche Sales Site The new sales process begins on Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, and other social media sites. Your web marketing strategy needs a solid foundation (Niche Product Site) that advertising and … Continue reading

How to Break your WordPress Website

amature editor

Things to avoid while working in your WordPress Dashboard As I create new WordPress Self-Hosted Websites for Small Business Owners, many of them want to have full Administrative Access to the Dashboard. I usually fore-warn them that “With Great Power, … Continue reading

Why Advertise

Get Free Applications

Why Advertise when you can Tweet for FREE?
In addition, you can post on Facebook for free, join Linkedin for free, +1 and share on Google+ for free, send an email for free, or make a cold call for free. You can even Blog for free. Continue reading

Networking Connections

I would like to connect with you if …
you want a relevant win-win business connection.
What do I mean by that?
Read the lower half of this post for my explanation. Continue reading

Event Promotion

Linking to Events

Promoting Events to Sell More Before the World Wide Web, I used to sell my products and services through trade shows that were part of conventions or association meetings. People with a mutual interest would gather at events that provided … Continue reading