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on how selling relates to our everyday business success

How to Break your WordPress Website

amature editor

Things to avoid while working in your WordPress Dashboard As I create new WordPress Self-Hosted Websites for Small Business Owners, many of them want to have full Administrative Access to the Dashboard. I usually fore-warn them that “With Great Power, … Continue reading

Networking Connections

I would like to connect with you if …
you want a relevant win-win business connection.
What do I mean by that?
Read the lower half of this post for my explanation. Continue reading


A New Beginning

He had a motorcycle crash 30 years ago which resulted in a life time disability. Look at him today. Continue reading

Response-Ability To Dis-Abilitiy

I had a stroke this week

It’s one way to get a private parking space. I doubt the trade off will be worth it though.
Continue reading

Stand Out To Sell

Memorable Encounters

Chance meetings happen. How many first encounters do you remember? Continue reading

Selling Your Expertise With An eBook

Why would I want to…

purchase a specific type of reading glasses to read books from only one bookstore? Continue reading

Sales Growth

Do You Need Protection?

Do you need to create a virtual Sales Growth Protection Area around your sales activity? Continue reading

Slow Down and Learn

Danger !

Just an observation…
Are you speeding through life too busy to slow down and learn from your experiences? Continue reading