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on how selling relates to our everyday business success

Seth Godin is Brilliant

“All Marketers are Liars”

Follow him and read what he has to say every day. Seth’s Blog You will be rewarded with great marketing ideas. Invest the time to watch this video… Continue reading

Truth in Selling

The Internet enables and obscures the discovery of truth.

How can you ever know what reality really is? Continue reading

Internet Sales Consultant

Does the Internet affect your selling ability?

You are an Internet Sales Consultant and don’t know it yet. I attended a networking event recently and the experience inspired the creation of a workshop that will demonstrate why you should not ignore the Internet. Continue reading

Negative Selling

Are You Guilty?

Do you spend your time and energy selling a product or service only to buy back what you sold through failure to observe a simple principle? Continue reading

You’ve Been Terminated

Nixed by Biznik – Looking to Re-Connect

If you are trying to contact me on Biznik, please don’t. My account has been “terminated” because “…[my] style of participation … [and] … contributions to the community are not moving it forward, and have begun to harm it’s reputation. … Consequently, we have terminated your membership in Biznik.”

This is a portion of the email I received recently. Continue reading

How’s Biz?

It’s Un-Believe-Able !

To everyone but YOU, that is. Whether its good or bad out there, its what YOU believe that determines YOUR experience. Don’t let other people control YOUR life experience. Believe in YOU, don’t worry about what others believe. Continue reading

A Practical Small Business Marketing Expert

You have an opportunity to experience a half-day workshop in Bellevue, Washington, covering 7 steps to marketing success by a best-selling author and business coach. And, because you are following me, ten (10) of you will receive admission absolutely FREE. Continue reading

Online Posting Etiquette Tips

How can online posting affect your sales-ability?

Credibility is earned over time by your actions that others can observe. The quality of the posts you make will help reinforce your ability to be known and trusted as an expert in your field when you are trying to sell your product or services.
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