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How to create Persuasive Online Sales Pages

Alex Mandossian tells it better than I can. Watch this video – it’s a rough cut, but contains some good content worth watching…     If you want help, contact me for a FREE consult and I will help you. … Continue reading

Authorize You

A Platform To Sell Your Expertise

Create a platform using these four ingredients and build a business based upon your expertise. Continue reading

Single Solution Selling

Focus Is Better Than Fast

Have you been on a road trip lately? Sometimes you can go really fast but you may just arrive at the wrong place earlier if you do not focus on your destination. Continue reading

What’s Your Answer?

The internet is used to find answers.

How can YOU become one? Continue reading

Stand Out To Sell

Memorable Encounters

Chance meetings happen. How many first encounters do you remember? Continue reading

Contractor Selling

It’s In The Bid

The Ultimate Conceptual Selling Challenge
Estimating a job accurately can increase your trust and reputation. Continue reading

Selling Your Expertise With An eBook

Why would I want to…

purchase a specific type of reading glasses to read books from only one bookstore? Continue reading

How To Sell A Duck?

When Your Customer Wants A Chicken.

Just knowing this can give a sales pro an advantage in the process of persuasion. Continue reading