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Create a Color Palette

Website Color Palette Many times while creating websites for clients, the subject of Colors that should be used throughout the website comes up. How to do it? This is a good way to communicate the colors you would like your … Continue reading

You have a website – So Now What?

OK, so now you’ve got a Website? What Next? So many times I encounter people that get a WEBsite or an eCommerce site and now expect that the world will come knocking on their door and/or start ordering their products … Continue reading

How to create Persuasive Online Sales Pages

Alex Mandossian tells it better than I can. Watch this video – it’s a rough cut, but contains some good content worth watching…     If you want help, contact me for a FREE consult and I will help you. … Continue reading

Simplify the Sales Process – Become a Trusted Advisor

A trusted advisor speaking to a couple of prospective customers

The Sales Process In a typical sales process, you must establish a rapport or relationship with your prospective customer to help establish a feeling of trust before a transaction usually takes place. Since the popularity of the Internet, people research … Continue reading

Why Advertise

Get Free Applications

Why Advertise when you can Tweet for FREE?
In addition, you can post on Facebook for free, join Linkedin for free, +1 and share on Google+ for free, send an email for free, or make a cold call for free. You can even Blog for free. Continue reading

Networking Connections

I would like to connect with you if …
you want a relevant win-win business connection.
What do I mean by that?
Read the lower half of this post for my explanation. Continue reading

Event Promotion

Linking to Events

Promoting Events to Sell More Before the World Wide Web, I used to sell my products and services through trade shows that were part of conventions or association meetings. People with a mutual interest would gather at events that provided … Continue reading

Mark Matteson

My Favorite Public Speaker Mark Matteson is one of my favorite motivational speakers. He inspires through humor and some of the best story-telling I’ve heard. If you ever get a chance to experience one of his presentations, don’t miss him. … Continue reading