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Why Advertise

Get Free Applications

Why Advertise when you can Tweet for FREE?
In addition, you can post on Facebook for free, join Linkedin for free, +1 and share on Google+ for free, send an email for free, or make a cold call for free. You can even Blog for free. Continue reading

Web Marketing

Web Marketing Can Be Profitable

Why would anyone be reading this marketing blog post on the web anyway? The only reason I can think of is that something caught your eye.

Get Free Advertising through Web Marketing techniques and blog postings. Learn how to use this New Sales Process. Continue reading

Emotion Sells Where Logic Fails

Why do so many logical solutions fail to get traction and the inferior product usually wins market share?

Because most of us are so poor at arithmetic! (Yes, there are many other reasons also, but let’s focus on this one right now) Continue reading

Searching the Virtual Yellow Pages

Do you sell your services with the Yellow Pages…

Have you claimed YOUR online identity yet? If not, you should, before some else does. You don’t need a website and it is free. Continue reading