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Web Marketing Can Be Profitable

Does This Interest You?

Web Marketing Can Be ProfitableWhy would anyone be reading this marketing blog post on the web anyway? The only reason I can think of is that something caught your eye.

Was it the image, the title, or the header? Did you find it by a search result, a link from a paid ad, or in the news feed while you were browsing a social media site?

Regardless of how you found this article, you have been reading it, at least up to this point. Therefore, we must assume you have at least some interest in the topic. What topic is that? Well the title of this post is Web Marketing, so that must be at least related to the content in this post.

How To Get Free Advertising On The Internet

Free Advertising Can Bring You MoneyAdvertising is a form of marketing where you attract prospective customers that want what you have.

Everyone seems to be selling something. Selling is not a bad thing. Selling is helping your prospective customers get what they need and want. And, advertising is the only way your customers are going to find you.

I guess you could call this free advertising on the internet if I were attempting to sell you something. But, am I trying to sell you a service or product? You decide. That is, if you are still with me and reading this article up to this point.

Getting free advertising on the web is as simple as writing this post. The only cost to produce this landing page is my time plus the annual maintenance cost (very small) of renting a domain name and hosting this website. Now we just have to figure out how to get readers to find and actually read this.

Hiring a good copywriter might be in order, but we still have the challenge of getting eyeballs in front of the copy. Some might consider this “content marketing”. But, how do we get the traffic to the content of the marketing material?

If this were a printed brochure rather than an Internet landing page, we would probably have to pay to get it distributed to our prospective target audience. So it’s conceivable to consider using paid advertising to drive traffic to the marketing content on our website.

But then, it would not be free, would it?

The Million Dollar Secret $,$$$,$$$

Return Your Investment With Web MarketingHow do we get perpetual traffic to read our content for no investment at all? I’m a believer in the “No FREE Lunch” theory. But, I’m also convinced that advertising can be considered free if the return on your marketing investment (ROI) is greater than the cost of producing and distributing your ads.

If you can discover a method (or a system) that consistently brings in more revenue than it costs, you have discovered the big secret to building a business or enterprise.

It is really not a secret. You just have not discovered it yet. Once you do, it can enable you to start any new business or create a new sales campaign for an existing business without any money in the traditional sense.

It does not take money to start or promote a business. It takes a desire and the courage to do it. If you have that desire, you have now discovered how to “learn how to do it”.

Whether you are just contemplating starting a new venture, or you are already in business struggling to find out how to build and grow it to a profitable level, you can benefit from the knowledge of how to use web marketing as one of your indispensable tools.

You can learn how the hard way, by experimenting and making mistakes until you get it, or you can learn it the easy way, by spending a little time with someone that has already been there and done that. It will cost you nothing to contact the author of this post. He can show you how to get free advertising on the web.


By Howard Howell

Howard is an Internet Sales Consultant. He speaks professionally about Web Marketing and Sensible Selling from an experienced entrepreneur’s viewpoint. He also provides individual coaching, group training, and web marketing consulting services. Contact him now.