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Your Virtual Sales Office

Can you increase your sales with a competent assistant?

Maximize your productivity by outsourcing or hiring others to do what they do better than you.
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How To Sell A Duck?

When Your Customer Wants A Chicken.

Just knowing this can give a sales pro an advantage in the process of persuasion. Continue reading

Sales Growth

Do You Need Protection?

Do you need to create a virtual Sales Growth Protection Area around your sales activity? Continue reading

Sales Challenges

Do you ever encounter sales obstacles?

There are numerous obstacles that prevent you from making more sales. Let’s discuss real-world solutions to YOUR marketing and sales challenges. Continue reading

Four Online Secrets

For More Offline Sales

You need to create a sense a rapport before you earn the privilege to ask the questions you need to know prior to asking the most important question we often call the close (which is really the beginning).

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Internet Sales Consultant

Does the Internet affect your selling ability?

You are an Internet Sales Consultant and don’t know it yet. I attended a networking event recently and the experience inspired the creation of a workshop that will demonstrate why you should not ignore the Internet. Continue reading

Niche Marketing

Single Solution Selling

Did splitting 1 site into 6 separate sites cause his sales to go up by a factor of 6?
No way. Read on for the answer… Continue reading

#1 Sales Tool

You Can’t Sell Without It

Every professional has a tool kit. And, they have their favorite and most used tools. Even amateurs have tool kits for their hobbies and do-it-yourself projects. What is the #1 Sales Tool in your tool kit? Continue reading