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Weekly Sales Training

Web Marketing and Sales Training for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Professional Service Providers Group Training Webinar for SenseAble Selling Students featuring: Web Marketing Tips Sales Training Sales Coaching Niche Marketing Ideas New Media Strategies Hot Seat Mentoring    If you … Continue reading

Build A Sales Page

How To Build A Sales Page With Fewer Distractions A typical website encourages your prospective customer to wander and leave the landing page with distracting links, whereas a sales oriented landing page encourages customers to take action and/or make a … Continue reading

Sales Happen

What are you doing to encourage it?

A sale only “happens” when what someone wants meets what you’ve got. You can’t really force it to “happen”, but you can influence it. Continue reading

Don’t Build Websites

Build Sales Pages On The Web

Create solutions to the problems that YOUR customers have and narrow your marketing niche to becoming the answer they will find when they search. Continue reading

Online Posting Etiquette Tips

How can online posting affect your sales-ability?

Credibility is earned over time by your actions that others can observe. The quality of the posts you make will help reinforce your ability to be known and trusted as an expert in your field when you are trying to sell your product or services.
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Get More Sales Without Cold Calling

Every time a customer complains is your biggest opportunity to sell more!

Why is it that business operators’ do not see the potential of increasing their sales whenever a customer calls up to complain? Continue reading

Life Is A Sales Job

Here’s a quick way to get a job TODAY

Hire yourself and start selling YOU.

Why sell? You already do. Everyone sells. You have since your birth. You may as well do it right and be handsomely rewarded for your efforts. Continue reading

Life Is A Sales Job

Life Is A Sales Job Everyone sells. You might as well do it right and be handsomely rewarded The Webcast will debut on March 30, 2010. Until then order the book or pre-order the course.     Webcast Topic   … Continue reading