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Selling With New Media Marketing

Who else wants an unlimited marketing budget?

I think all business owners and service providers would like to find that magic formula that equates into an unlimited stream of new customers. Continue reading

A New Sales Process

Let’s call it “Subtle Selling”

New rules. New methods. New skills. Today’s sales rep is more like yesterday’s sales clerk. If you don’t see the changes happening, you may be wondering how a new, young competitor took away your old established clientele. The only thing he had over you, was a better knowledge of how to use the internet. Continue reading

Subtle Selling

Do You Have A Social Media Sales Strategy?

The new media has created the need for a new sales process. And that new sales process can only be executed with an appropriate marketing strategy that includes social media. Continue reading

Search = The New Phone Book

Old Media like the phone book have given way to New Media on the internet.

Your fingers no longer need to walk far to find information about everything. They can learn all about your product and service from your competitors and hopefully, you.

Continue reading

Social Media Suicide

Spamming yourself out of business may be an act of suicide

Are you committing Marketing Suicide? Social Media is an opportunity for disaster. Have you committed the crime and you don’t know it yet? Continue reading