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Your Brand Identity With Social Media

Are you concerned about your brand identity on social media sites?

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Attracting New Customers With Social Media

How to attract new customers?

Customer Acquisition is a major concern for small business operators. Understanding how to use Social Media effectively can help you find and attract new leads to your business. Continue reading

Social Media Sales Strategy

How to avoid the biggest mistake most people make using online social media marketing?

Social media is just another form of media. If you plan on using it to market and ultimately sell your product, learn a little about it before you jump in. Read more to learn more. Continue reading

Selling With Social Media

Can you sell your product using social media networks?

Yes, you can, but NOT in the way that most people may think. It requires an understanding of a New Sales Process. I like to call it “Subtle Selling”.

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Search = The New Phone Book

Old Media like the phone book have given way to New Media on the internet.

Your fingers no longer need to walk far to find information about everything. They can learn all about your product and service from your competitors and hopefully, you.

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Social Media Suicide

Spamming yourself out of business may be an act of suicide

Are you committing Marketing Suicide? Social Media is an opportunity for disaster. Have you committed the crime and you don’t know it yet? Continue reading

Social Media 101

A nice conference but… did it address the all important “what’s in it for me?” factors?

My review of a great event with a suggestion for the next. Continue reading

Social Media Networking Blunders

What’s your biggest irritation that you deal with while social networking for business? I’m sharing my top 4. This post might be one of yours, by the fact that I’m assuming anyone really cares about my opinion anyway.

In our quest for relevant connections, we sometimes forget our manners while attempting to embrace the “new transparency” movement. Your ultimate goal of biz networking is to build YOUR business.
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