Selling With New Media Marketing

Unlimited Marketing Budget

Who else wants an unlimited marketing budget?

I think all business owners and service providers would like to find that magic formula that equates into an unlimited stream of new customers.

Especially if you can do it by investing a smaller marketing expense than the incoming net revenue. Finding that can provide you with your ultimate cash machine.

Sort of like owning an immortal chicken that lays an egg every day you can sell for $1.00 with an ongoing feed maintenance cost of 10 cents. Then finding the right marketing program that costs only 20 cents per egg sold. Think about it. You would now have an unlimited marketing budget to perpetuate your cash machine.

Subtle Selling in the New Media Reality

Let’s define Selling first.
Selling is helping others get what they want, need, can afford, at the right time, and from a trustworthy source.

Let’s define Marketing.
Marketing is any activity performed that attracts customers to want your product or service or feel good enough about your brand to tell their friends and spread the word about you and your market solution.

New Media Marketing is making use of new communication technologies and trends in order to lower your CPCA (Cost Per Customer Acquisition). The old media utilized “outbound” marketing where you rented access to audiences and interrupted them with your message hoping that they would eventually buy from you or feel good about you. It’s a numbers game that has always been difficult to justify unless you have huge sums to invest to acquire market share.

The new media offers endless opportunities to get a lower CPCA through niche market selling and application of new trends such as the internet search phenomenon, social media networking, blogging, portable devices, and other other methods that enable “inbound” marketing where you build virtual trust and encourage customers to contact you at the right time rather than you interrupting them frequently with what many people consider pressure selling.

Your Media Marketing Mix

It is important that you first understand your unique 3M’s and then apply a profitable mix of appropriate marketing media campaigns to achieve the holy grail of the perfect CPCA. Having an intimate clarity of your target Market and an attractive marketing Message will help you choose the appropriate Media’s to achieve your most profitable marketing channels.

A few of the new media buzz words you should become familiar with are:

  • Internet Domain
  • Blogging and Websites
  • Social Media / Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc, etc
  • Site Hosting
  • List Managing
  • Digital Images, Video and Audio
  • Widgets
  • Plug-ins
  • SEO, Keywords, Phrases, Linking
  • Affiliates
  • RSS
  • Status Updates
  • Squeeze Pages, Landing Pages, Sales Pages
  • Posts vs Pages
  • Tagging, Commenting, Like, Fan, Follow
  • TOS, etc, etc, etc

These and many many more tools are available for you to implement a strategic and effective new media marketing plan.

Using our immortal chicken example, we also need to know which came first the chicken or the egg. We must immerse ourselves into the new media marketing world in a meaningful sequence rather than haphazardly jumping in without any regard for our CPCA. If we do, we can find that unlimited marketing budget. It’s there, if you know where to look.

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By Howard Howell

Howard is an Internet Sales Consultant. He speaks professionally about Web Marketing and Sensible Selling from an experienced entrepreneur’s viewpoint. He also provides individual coaching, group training, and web marketing consulting services. Contact him now.

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