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Authorize You

A Platform To Sell Your Expertise

Create a platform using these four ingredients and build a business based upon your expertise. Continue reading


Authorize You ! Learn how to become known as the expert in your field at an Author-Publisher Roundtable. Everyone likes to learn from the experts. You should be one of them. Selling your knowledge and your expertise is much easier … Continue reading


Patrick Snow Best Selling Author – Speaker – Coach Patrick Snow has spent over ten years of his life developing this unique system that is designed to save you both time and money in your quest to achieve your publishing … Continue reading


Patrick Snow Best Selling Author – Speaker – Coach Welcome to the replay………….. Thank You for your interest in listening to the June Author-Publisher Roundtable Tele-Webcast where Patrick Snow shared 7 of the most effective strategies to sell YOUR book. … Continue reading

How To Publish My Book?

Self-Publishing and The Patrick Snow Certified Publishing Coach Program

Do you have a book inside you, that you may need help with? If so, we can help “coach” you, and turn your dream into a reality!

Self-publishing has been around for years! In fact, some of the most famous authors of our time were self-published.

If you don’t know even where to begin this process, let Patrick Snow and Howard Howell show you the way. Continue reading

“A bookstore is a lousy place to sell a book”

Best Selling Author, Patrick Snow has sold over 150,000 copies of his book, Creating Your Own Destiny, and he believes that “a bookstore is a lousy place to sell a book”. So where should you sell your books then? Continue reading