Mark Matteson

My Favorite Public Speaker Mark Matteson is one of my favorite motivational speakers. He inspires through humor and some of the best story-telling I’ve heard. If you ever get a chance to experience one of his presentations, don’t miss him. … Continue reading

Web Marketing

Web Marketing Can Be Profitable

Why would anyone be reading this marketing blog post on the web anyway? The only reason I can think of is that something caught your eye.

Get Free Advertising through Web Marketing techniques and blog postings. Learn how to use this New Sales Process. Continue reading

Local Networking

Local Area Networking – Is Effective Sales and Marketing includes Social and Business Networking activities. It may not be your favorite task. If it isn’t, you should hire or contract with somebody who will get out there and be social … Continue reading

Why Blog?

Blog To Sell by That Sales Guy

Why Should I Blog? Because “a Blog is the most effective marketing tool YOU can use to help people get what THEY want.” ~ HH Marketing is the process of attracting prospective customers that want what you have. It leads … Continue reading

What Is A Landing Page?

Traditional Websites distract rather than sell

Do you need a website or a sales page? General websites include many CTAs and distracting links by their very nature.

Websites have their place in a Marketing Strategy right along with Landing Pages, Business Cards, Brochures, etc. A Sales Page, on the other hand is … Continue reading

Your Virtual Sales Office

Can you increase your sales with a competent assistant?

Maximize your productivity by outsourcing or hiring others to do what they do better than you.
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Authorize You

A Platform To Sell Your Expertise

Create a platform using these four ingredients and build a business based upon your expertise. Continue reading

Using The Internet For Business

The primary reason go to the Internet is to SEARCH for answers to pressing needs and wants. Most people look to the web to solve their questions and problems today rather than talking to their neighbors and friends. But, people still buy from people. Continue reading