The Digital Campfire

digitalcampfireDown through the ages, humans have shared knowledge from one generation to the next in hopes of preventing heartache and trauma for their posterity. It all started with the telling of stories around the campfire.

Digital Campfire
Digital Campfire

As civilization has progressed we have discovered more effective means to communicate and share our experiences with friends far and wide.

I particularly like the idea that we can not only share knowledge via the phone and the Internet, but that we can record it and share it at the listener’s time preference while providing visuals and documents through the same central gateway of the web.

The amount of knowledge that one can absorb is only limited by the investment in education time. No longer do we have to travel and spend money to meet in rooms at great expense in order to learn from the thought leaders about the subjects we are interested in.

Tele-Seminars are one of the coolest innovations I have discovered recently. Like a Digital Campfire, I will start using this tool and BizChatz as a means to teach entrepreneurs how to sell more effectively.

By Howard Howell

Howard is an Internet Sales Consultant. He speaks professionally about Web Marketing and Sensible Selling from an experienced entrepreneur’s viewpoint. He also provides individual coaching, group training, and web marketing consulting services. Contact him now.


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