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fundamentals and mastery of sales strategies and techniques

Stand Out To Sell

Memorable Encounters

Chance meetings happen. How many first encounters do you remember? Continue reading

Contractor Selling

It’s In The Bid

The Ultimate Conceptual Selling Challenge
Estimating a job accurately can increase your trust and reputation. Continue reading

Internet Sales Strategy

Do you have an online marketing plan?

Is it working for you? Or, do you feel like you have invested in a billboard on a dead end road? Continue reading

Selling Your Expertise With An eBook

Why would I want to…

purchase a specific type of reading glasses to read books from only one bookstore? Continue reading

How To Sell A Duck?

When Your Customer Wants A Chicken.

Just knowing this can give a sales pro an advantage in the process of persuasion. Continue reading

Sales Growth

Do You Need Protection?

Do you need to create a virtual Sales Growth Protection Area around your sales activity? Continue reading

Selling By Showing

Create A Personalized Screencast

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is probably worth a million words. Imagery helps your audience formulate decisions. Don’t just write it, show it. Continue reading

Blog For Business

Use A Blog To Attract New Customers

Avoid adding a blog to your advertising media mix at your own peril. Continue reading