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Selling By Showing

Create A Personalized Screencast

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is probably worth a million words. Imagery helps your audience formulate decisions. Don’t just write it, show it. Continue reading

Blog For Business

Use A Blog To Attract New Customers

Avoid adding a blog to your advertising media mix at your own peril. Continue reading

Selling With New Media Marketing

Who else wants an unlimited marketing budget?

I think all business owners and service providers would like to find that magic formula that equates into an unlimited stream of new customers. Continue reading

Seth Godin is Brilliant

“All Marketers are Liars”

Follow him and read what he has to say every day. Seth’s Blog You will be rewarded with great marketing ideas. Invest the time to watch this video… Continue reading

Four Online Secrets

For More Offline Sales

You need to create a sense a rapport before you earn the privilege to ask the questions you need to know prior to asking the most important question we often call the close (which is really the beginning).

Implement these secrets to increase your sales. Continue reading

Negative Selling

Are You Guilty?

Do you spend your time and energy selling a product or service only to buy back what you sold through failure to observe a simple principle? Continue reading

Niche Marketing

Single Solution Selling

Did splitting 1 site into 6 separate sites cause his sales to go up by a factor of 6?
No way. Read on for the answer… Continue reading

Niche Profit Selling

Niche It or Lose It

If YOU don’t capture a niche with your idea, it’s almost guaranteed that someone else will create the best niche profit solution that you are thinking about right now. Idea’s are plentiful. Doing is rare.
Continue reading